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Factory Introduction

HANBUL Cosmetics factory covers a total area of 32,956㎡ is composed with the production building(10,932㎡), office building (2,876 ㎡), and other producing facilities.

For managing the plan of production according to the products ordered, HANBUL Cosmetics is doing the best to produce high-quality products and to meet the needs of customers by building the organic network system of technology sales, production, and quality assurance.

Organization Chart


Contact Number

Division in Charge Phone Number Fax
Production and Development Center 82-43-879-2116 82-43-879-2230

Contact Number of Each Division

Name of Division Phone Number Fax
Production Planning Team 82-43-879-2131 82-43-879-1470
Production Team 1 82-43-879-0130 82-43-879-2230
Production Team 2 82-43-879-2010 82-43-879-2230
Quality Assurance Team 82-43-879-2241 82-43-881-2128
Materials Team 82-43-879-2151 82-43-879-1470
Management Team 82-43-879-2100 82-43-878-2230

Weighing system

On the basis of the barcode system using a wireless scanner, the traceability about the improvement of productivity and the record of batch is strengthened.


Manufacturing device for purified water

Using the reverse osmosis method(R/O) and electro-deionization (EDI) device for producing de-ionized water, next generation device for producing equal pure water removing ions and microorganisms is building.


Skin care Manufacturing equipment

4 equipment of 2000L emulsifying mixer, 2 equipment of 1000L emulsifying mixer, 2 equipment of 500L emulsifying mixer, one equipment of 200L emulsifying mixer, one equipment of 100L emulsifying mixer, 2 equipment of 50L emulsifying mixer, one equipment of 1200L shampoo mixer, 2 equipment of 1200L skin mixer are possessed. These equipment are constructed to not only produce small and large quantities of emulsion/skin products but also produce Nano emulsion products using a micro-emulsion system.


Make-up Manufacturing equipment

As the production equipment of powder, 3 equipment of 100L hanschel, one equipment of 50L hanschel, one equipment of 20L hanschel, one equipment of 5L hanschel, and 5 atomers which make ultrafine powder are possessed. Especially, mascaras and eye liners are managed and produced with a zero system which has no source of pollution in the clean room. All production goods are manufactured by following GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice).