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Skin Care

Excellent Formulation Development Research

  • Stabilized formulation research of unstable active ingredients (liposome, cyclodextrin, multiple emulsion, microencapsulation, etc.)
  • Nanoscopic particles and emulsion research
  • High SPF (Sun Protection Factor) formulation research
  • Research on DDS(Drug Delivery System) acceleration formulation

Possessed formulation patent

1. Nano Liquid Capture System (NLCSystem)

A new system with the function of penetrating active components deep within skin by stably creaing nano liposomes with lipid extracted from PHYTO-based beans and natural emulsifier extracted from sugar canes, most similar to skin biomembrane.


<HANBUL COSMETICS Formulation Technology Patent>
Stable nano liposomes containing unsaturated lecithin and composition containing said nano liposomes for skin external use [Patent No. 0544442]


Bioconversion is a Green-Biotechnology upgraded fermentation technology that uses the metabolic process of cell or enzyme stages. This technology effectively produces the objective compound by imposing precursors.


<HANBUL COSMETICS Formulation Technology Patent>
Manufacturing process of mountain ash extract where the content of flavonoid is increased,
and composition containing mountain ash extract for the external skin [Patent No. 10-0697319]

3. Shape Memory Essence

Shape memory effect: The new concept lifting essence with a unique characteristic of restoring the original form by remembering it even when applying pressure.


<HANBUL COSMETICS Formulation Technology Patent >
Aqueous gel emulsion composition having shape memory phenomenon using an associative viscosity
agent and its manufacturing process [Patent No. 10-0588831]

Main developed product by skin care team

  • Face toner (flexible toner, astringent, etc.), lotion (soothing lotion, moisturizer lotion, etc.)
  • Essence (ample, serum, etc.), cream (moisturizing cream, nourishing cream, eye cream, hand cream, etc.)
  • All skin care products for cleansing (cleansing lotion, cleansing cream, foaming cleanser, cleansing oil, etc.), and packs

Low density lightweight mascara

(Publication number 1020150117107,
2015 IFSCC Conference Oral Presentation)

Eyelashes remain in place when low density light weight mascara is applied or as time passes compared to other mascaras, since the proportion of mascara has decreased with the method, generating bubbles inside the content of mascara by volatile compound. The mascara effect is maintained for a long time and demonstrates light usability.


Alginic acid mascara

(Registration number 10-0669340)

This mascara has maximized the volume and curling effect with the composition of the 1st mascara, containing alginic acid forming alginic acid gel or alginate by applying alternately on eyelashes and the 2nd mascara, containing positive ions over divalent.


Moisture Keeping Technology

(Registration No. 101045219)

This has no changes in color or safety problems.
The lipstick, which has excellent moisturizing effects without evaporating, maintains rough and dry lips moisturized by providing constant moisture and nutrient components.
(Polyalcohol non-aqueous water in oil base for lip makeup and lip makeup composition containing polyalcohol non-aqueous water in oil base for lip makeup patent)


Laser Sculpting Technology

Laser sculpting technology displays a luxurious exterior by coating diverse and colorful purls on the surface of the product. Also, the technology commercialized the visual design that customers would desire to keep, by applying laser marking technology and the multi-color press method.


Oriental Herb Cosmetics

Recently, oriental herb cosmetic businesses using oriental herbs have been rapidly improving and especially, oriental herbs have been confirmed to display strong skin bioactivity. Skin care products are developed by applying materials confirmed to be excellent materials after assessing whether these oriental herbs are displaying proper effects in cosmetics. In addition, HANBUL is developing oriental herb cosmetics by developing raw materials with a more superior effect compared to general herbs through fermentation technology of various oriental herbs and bioconversion technology.

Example of Oriental Herbs


Fermented-oriental herb extract using microorganisms effective to the human body creates more various activated ingredients than normal herb medicine extracts, displaying stronger antioxidative activity, and has been confirmed to produce more quantities of the phenolic compound. Also, it is known to have lower toxic levels in herbs and skin side effects compared to the existing herb medicine extract. Due to this customer awareness toward the characteristic of fermented-oriental herb extract and fermentation culture, oriental herb cosmetics are realized to be more familiar, safe, and excellent in skin effects.

The HANBUL Cosmetic Institute of Technology is seeking and researching for excellent and safe oriental herb materials through joint research not only with local universities but also the pharmacology department of Peking University in China.


Functional Cosmetics

Functional cosmetics include products that help wrinkle improvement, brightening effect, tanning, and protecting from UV rays. It only can be produced and released after obtaining approval through strict examination by the Korea Food & Drug Administration. Single functional products are divided into wrinkle care, brightening, and UV protection. Also, multi-functional cosmetics are divided into wrinkle care and brightening, wrinkle care and UV protection, brightening and UV protection, and triple functional cosmetics for wrinkle care, brightening, and UV protection..

Wrinkle Care Functional Cosmetics


Wrinkle care cosmetics have the function of easing or improving wrinkles by providing skin elasticity.

< Wrinkle Care Functional Ingredients >

Adenosine, retinol, retinol palmitate, and polyethoxylated retinamide are designated as the functional ingredients by the Korea Food & Drug Administration, and 7-DHC, glucuronic acid, carnitine, Tensolin-F, and ulva lactuca extract are the functional ingredients developed by HANBUL and approved by the Korea Food & Drug Administration.



Products with a skin brightening function by regulating the formation of stains and freckles by preventing pigmentation of melanin on skin and products thinning the color of the pigmented melanin on the skin.

< Brightening Functional Ingredients >

Arbutin, mulberry extract, ethyl ascorbyl ether, oil soluble licorice extract, ascorbyl glucoside, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, niacinamide, alpha-bisabolol, and ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate are designated as the functional ingredients by the Korea Food & Drug Administration. WHITE FOCUS-LP and ascorbic acid are the functional ingredients developed by HANBUL and approved by the Korea Food & Drug Administration. 7-DHC, glucuronic acid, carnitine, Tensolin-F, and ulva lactuca extract are the functional ingredients developed by HANBUL and approved by the Korea Food & Drug Administration.

UV Protection


Products that tan the skin neatly by blocking intense sunlight and protecting the skin from UV rays by blocking or scattering them..

< UV Protection Functional Ingredients >

Ethylhexile methoxycinnamate and other 26 types of components are designated as functional components by the Korea Food & Drug Administration. Recently, ingredients applied with technology which forms coating on the surface of skin to have water-resistant and make-up preserving skin are developed and used to prevent the loss of sunblock due to external influences (water, sweat, and friction).