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Introduction of Institute of Technology

Institute of Technology was established in 1992 and obtained approval as Company Institution in February, 1993. Currently, it is operated with two laboratory-1 room system of cosmetic laboratory, dermatology laboratory, and research planning room. Aside from this, Jeju Institution is also located at Jeju Science Park to develop new material using natural substance resource of Jeju. The Institute of Technology, claiming to support “21st century future-oriented research”, is making technological advantage separate from other companies by circulating research connected with three axis of developing new formulated cosmetic, developing new material, and efficacy assessment.

Cosmetic Laboratory Composed with skin care team and makeup team.
Develop various and differentiated cosmetics as skin care products, body care products, men’s cosmetics, functional products, perfume, base and point makeup products.
Dematology Laboratory Composed with new material team, new formulation team, and Jeju laboratory.
Develop cosmetic new materials with excellent efficacy by using natural substance from domestic and oversea.
Performs various in vitro and in vivo efficacy assessment researches about skin.
Research Planning Room Manages internal and external information network of researcher as cosmetic policy, intellectual property right, and national research projects.